Home Mortgage Payoff Strategy Calculator

Compare various strategies for paying off your home mortgage quickly and save on interest expenses.
Primary Loan Details
30 years
Savings & Expenses
Over and above expenses
Strategy Details
Monthly Payments

This is the standard minimum monthly payment.

Payments Twice A Month

Two equal payments each month, exactly half the monthly payment.

Payments Every Two Weeks

Payment every two weeks, exactly half the monthly payment, for a total of 26 payments.

Additional Yearly Payment

One additional principal payment made a the end of each year.

Extra Monthly Principal

Additional principal payment made each month.

HELOC Accelerated

The strategy uses a HELOC to make lump sum principal payments.

Debt Cliff

Extra savings goes into a separate savings account and builds until the mortgage can be paid off in one payment.

Strategy Comparison Summary
StrategyMonthsInterestInterest Savings
Monthly Payments360 (30 years)$69,801$0
Payments Twice A Month359 (29 years, 11 months)$69,278$522
Payments Every Two Weeks319 (26 years, 7 months)$60,651$9,149
Additional Yearly Payment275 (22 years, 11 months)$51,319$18,482
Extra Monthly Principal77 (6 years, 5 months)$13,175$56,626
HELOC Accelerated78 (6 years, 6 months)$13,716$56,085
Debt Cliff83 (6 years, 11 months)$24,921$44,880
Strategy Comparison Chart
  • Monthly Payments
  • Payments Twice A Month
  • Payments Every Two Weeks
  • Additional Yearly Payment
  • Extra Monthly Principal
  • HELOC Accelerated
  • Debt Cliff

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