Compare Mortgages

Compare Mortgages in order to make an informed buying decision when purchasing a home or refinancing.

Use this calculator to compare payments, interest, and costs as-well-as visualize the difference between mortgages over time.

Numbers highlighted in green indicate the best value relative to other loans for the same metric.

Numbers highlighted in red indicate the difference from the best loan value for that metric.

How to compare mortgages:

1. Update the first mortgage in the "Mortgage Details" pane with the principal, interest rate, and loan term.

Note: If the mortgage is an existing loan that you plan to refinance, expand "Advanced Options" and enter the number months you have already paid on the loan.

2. Add one or more mortgages to compare with the first morgage entered. To get a more accurate comparison, enter loan specifics in the "Advanced Options" section of each mortgage.

  • Principal

    The amount owed on the loan.

  • Loan Term

    The number of months the loan will repaid in.

  • Months Paid

    The number of months already paid on the mortgage if any.

  • Monthly Fees

    The total number of extra fees applied to the loan each month such as mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) or Private mortgage insurance (PMI). Do not include taxes and insurance.

  • Extra Monthly Principal Payment

    An additional amount paid each month applied directly to principal. You might do this to pay down the mortgage quicker saving on interest costs.

Mortgage Details
Balance: $0
30 years
Balance: $0
30 years
Lowest PaymentLoan #2$0
Lowest Total Cost (Life of the loan)Loan #2$0
Loan #1
1 Year3 Year5 YearTotal
Loan #2
1 Year3 Year5 YearTotal
Mortgage Comparison Chart
The total cost is the all the expenses such as interest, monthly fees, and closing costs combined.
  • #1
  • #2

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